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CeMAP: a quick overview

Friday, November 20, 2009
This is a one way gate pass to a fruitful career in Mortgage advising. If you are a person who wishes to practice mortgage advising for the public then CeMAP is your license. This certification takes you higher up your career ladder too. This is the reason there are many professionals in mortgage industry who aim at possessing the certification. Mortgage is a money-spinning industry. And this certification helps you to have a rewarding freelancing career too.

CeMAP courses consist of three papers in total. It is mandatory that the candidate passes all the papers individually. Financial service, Mortgage and case studies and practical application are the three papers. Out of the three, financial service is regarded as the toughest. Therefore more time needs to be allocated in preparing for this paper. The third paper tests the practical ability of the candidate. If you have the right attitude and determination to obtain the certification then there can be no hurdle to stop you from achieving it.

Various Types of CeMAP courses

Monday, November 9, 2009
CeMAP is Certification in Mortgage and practice. This certification is vital for any person who wishes to be a mortgage advisor. For people who want to make shift of career, then CeMAP is their kick start to get into the mortgage industry with ease. There are a variety of CeMAP courses. They are designed to be able to reach every individual needs. The types of CeMAP courses are listed below;
  • Traditional Classroom Programs
  • Seminars
  • Online Courses
  • Home Study Plans
Classroom programs are suited for young students who are able to accommodate more time out of their daily routine. Seminars are designed for professionals who find less or no time off their work schedule. They are intensive in nature. Seminars are a great way to socialize and improve your communication front. Online and home study courses best suits individuals who have to multitask in order to spend time for their CeMAP.

It is wise to choose the course which suits you and spend quality time in learning the course content.

Mortgage knowledge and CeMAP

Monday, November 2, 2009
CeMAP is a certification which is mandatory to practice as a Mortgage Advisor. The education is thoroughly about Mortgage. It is a preferred course for people who aim at stepping into the mortgage industry. It is often regarded as the most difficult course to pass through. But through planned learning and dedication CeMAP certification can be a cakewalk. It is the one stop entry to mortgage industry.

The certification can be obtained by people regardless of their age and profession. There are many who take up the exams in hope of shifting their career to a lucrative mortgage industry. Even professionals working in mortgage industry try to obtain the certification. Their mortgage knowledge is further enhanced and is certified accordingly. This is because CeMAP helps them to go up the ladder in their profession.

CeMAP offers customized courses to suit all types of individuals. There are home study programs aimed at educating the ones who have less time to spend out of home and work.



CeMAP Training Syllabus
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CeMAP for Mortgage Qualifications
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