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We know we provide the only true multimedia CeMAP tCeMAP training using home studyraining available in the UK today.

We believe we provide the best value training for CeMAP that you can Buy.

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CeMAP Training - to be a part of mortgage advisors

Tuesday, February 23, 2010
Many people or students doubt whether they can take up CeMAP training as their career. Some are in doubt that without having any experience and knowledge in the mortgage industry will it be possible for them to crack the examination. The course can be taken up and studied by everyone those interested to become as a mortgage advisor. And to have any prior experience is not compulsory.

There are various options opened for the students to study the course as per their convenience. The study package contains all the necessary information and guidelines so that the facts are at the fingertips of the student. Way to pass out the examination and how to proceed for next level, detailed information is made available for the person who is opting the training. Those who are already in the field as advisors can also get enroll themselves in the course to boost up their career.

Mortgage Advisors who have finished their CeMAP training in order to gain the CeMAP qualification are looking up for the bright future in the mortgage industry. As a mortgage advisor your earning capacity will be extraordinary. The level of job satisfaction and high salary packages makes this career as a highly rewarding. Demand for professional mortgage advisor is always high in the industry.

CeMAP Training and Growth in Your Career

Thursday, February 18, 2010
Are you wondering how CeMAP training would give you growth in your career? Certificate in Mortgage Advice & Practice is a certified training course where the certificate is awarded by Institute of Financial Services.

The main aim of the course is to train its students in the field of mortgage and create a job opportunity in financial institutions. The Course is further divided into three modules. Each module is being divided into sub units. Students after getting registered get trained in different modules and have to clear the exams with a minimum of 70% in each unit of the module.

Various training centers and institutions conduct class for cemap course. Cemap training institutions have design there program in such a way which is easy to understand and follow by the student. After clearing all the three modules the student gets certified and now he / she can advices on mortgage related issues to its clients or customers.

The demand for the mortgage advisors is always high in the financial industry and one can get high salary packages and high growth in the industry. An opportunity to start their own mortgage business as mortgage or financial advisor is open to all the students. So a person who is looking for a change in his career or who is already been place in mortgage industry but not as a qualified advisor or build up their career in this field can go ahead and achieve success.

Study at Your Own Pace- Home Based CeMAP Training

Tuesday, February 9, 2010
To compete in the mortgage business or professional one has to be a qualified mortgage advisor. Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice in short is known as CeMAP a qualification being awarded by Institute of Financial Services.

Though you are already employed in mortgage business or industry you are required to be a qualified advisor in order to give right advice for investment purpose to your customers or clients. A person who is looking forward to start his/her career in financial industry then to become a mortgage advisor is the best option. One has to get reregistered for CeMAP course.
Today there are many institutes who are engaged in the business of training the professionals or students for CeMAP course. Training can be as classroom training or as a home based study training.

A person who hardly finds time to come and attend the class room training after there working hours or a student who is not able to find time after their college hours or a person who is staying at distant place the best option available is home based study training. CeMAP training institute has tailored designed their home based CeMAP training program which is easy to follow and understandable.

Benefits of home based training

  • Convenience to study at home/office
  • Study at your own convenient timings 24/7
  • All support materials for mock tests as well as revision
  • Online facility for clearing of doubts.

A guide to CeMAP course

Thursday, February 4, 2010
Are you looking to start your career in financial services as a mortgage advisor or want to be self employed mortgage advisor? Or you are already in mortgage industry but not able to climb the growth ladder because you are not a qualified mortgage advisor. If so then here is a golden opportunity to start your career in mortgage industry and climb the ladder of success.

CeMAP is well known benchmark qualification in mortgage industry. The Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice is awarded by "ifs School of Finance" .This training course can be the first and best step to climb towards the mortgage career. If you prefer to work as a self-employed or employed mortgage adviser, you can be greatly successful in your career if you pass this course. CeMAP training courses will help you to study all the three modules of the course rapidly and to get great success in the exams.

The course comprises of three modules:
  • Module 1- UK Financial Regulation
  • Module 2- Mortgages
  • Module 3- Assessment of Mortgage Advice Knowledge
The qualification meets the requirements set by the Financial Services Skills Council (FSSC). One has to register himself by paying the cost of £135.00 per module; registration is valid for twelve months. The fee is inclusion for the learning manual and initial examination entry (any re-sit examinations are paid for separately).



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