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We know we provide the only true multimedia CeMAP tCeMAP training using home studyraining available in the UK today.

We believe we provide the best value training for CeMAP that you can Buy.

Telephone us now on 01592 743131 or e-mail us on info@hernegroup.com to find out why.


CeMAP training choose your own study options

Wednesday, March 31, 2010
Today it is common that more and more individuals desire to achieve their qualification in CeMAP, as experienced and qualified mortgage advisers take pleasure by enjoying top incomes and great lifestyles. A person can now take the advantage of CeMAP training has they can register themselves online in the web sites of CeMAP training experts and can select from any 3 study options: full time, part time and home study.

Candidates need to be provided with knowledge and understanding of the UK financial service industry and the environment in which it operates. Look for the courses which will provide you In-depth training in CeMAP across the whole syllabus. The outcome of your learning will helpful to achieve success in the examination.

The CeMAP training will be helpful to gain the precise knowledge and understanding of all the key critical areas of CeMAP. To get enrolled in the Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice program you are not required any major qualification and there is no age restriction too.

Nearly all the training courses are designed both for individuals one who are fresh to the Mortgage Industry and the other is for those who are already in this fields but require support to aid them to become a CeMAP certified.

How CeMAP Training from Home is beneficial

Friday, March 26, 2010
CeMAP training from home proposes wonderful opportunity to the students as it gives flexibility to the students to get prepared for their studies. It gives liberty to the students to study how, when and from where they want to study. As the needs and preferences are different for each and every individual, therefore there are various options lay out for the students to get trained well for their CeMAP examination.

CeMAP training material for the home based study is not the only option offered for the students which lets them to use and get prepared very well to study at home. One of the major advantages of the home based study course is that the training is made available in the audio CD's. And now students can get prepared not only at their home, but they can get prepared themselves whenever they travel in their car. Therefore students can make use of this CeMAP training audio CD'S to listen it constantly when they are in journey. Not only this if you are going to gym, or walking or cycling then you can transfer this CD'S data into MP3 player and enjoy listening and memorizing along with your activities.

Gain recognition from Cemap training

Wednesday, March 10, 2010
In any specialized profession, valuable and sustainable education is necessary. Cemap qualification is broadly and precisely well-known as it is the only industry recognized qualification in mortgage industry.

Cemap training course are offered in various option and among them home based cemap training is becoming popular year by year. As this is more convenient and effective training to study depending on our needs and wants.

Home based cemap training course can be studied at their own pace and it is more convenient to the working professionals, distant living students, or any person who wants to take training as per his desires. An individual who gets register with the cemap course has to complete the course according to the modules formulated and the required percentile has to be obtained.

The training boost up's the knowledge of the student in the mortgage and finance field. After completing all the three modules of the course the student is capable to become a part of mortgage advisors. They also have the option to start their own mortgage advisory business. Employees who are already being in the field of mortgage advisor but are not gaining much recognition in their office, then to get certified in cemap course will lay a bright future ahead.

CeMAP Training program for your future

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
CeMAP training offers outstanding career development for people taking into account the mortgage industry as their future. CeMAP training is one of the essential requirements for a mortgage adviser and without this qualification; the talented adviser will find it difficult to gain a job in the industry.

The qualification assists mortgage advisers to give advice to clients on mortgage products. Any person who is looking for a bright future in the mortgage industry should clear all the three modules. Lots of people speculate whether they can take up CeMAP training with no experience in mortgage industry. The course can be willfully learned by the newcomers with no prior experience and thus later they can become professional mortgage advisers.

The distance learning program of the course is a complete training course. The course provides complete information to the students who have no experience in mortgages, thus it is a complete study package. And those who have lesser experience in the field can also gain more knowledge, so that current guidelines, mortgage services, legal measures and financial formation are fully understood. It is the best training program for those who are looking for a career as a mortgage adviser.



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